Parksville Shores Tai Chi


New Beginner class

Starting Monday September 12th

  9.30 –11.30 am

Knox United Church 345 Parksville

$ 25 a month or $60 for 3 month



Continuing  classes  

No Classes September 6th and 8th 2022      Knox is preparing for their fall fair.

but we will be in the park doing Tai Chi at the band shelter, near the new outdoor theatre, hope you will join us there instead. Same time 9.30-11.30am

 Tuesday and Thursday

Continuing classes $25 per month or $ 60 for 3 month.

All Classes are at Knox United on Pym Parksville

and again don’t forget Tai Chi in the Parksville Community Park
Sundays at 9am
Wednesday at 10.30am

Take care


That does not mean we can’t do Tai Chi at Home LOL

if you need a little help with the set there is always Kevin to follow on Awareness Tai Chi
All moves:
Warmups only:

Who we are – Parksville Shores Tai Chi (PSTC) is a not-for-profit society that exists to teach, learn and practice Tai Chi and complementary disciplines, by providing instruction, classes and workshops for the membership. PSTC is also committed to donating any financial surplus beyond operating expenses to worthy local charities.

What we do – PSTC teaches the 108-move set developed by Master Moy Lin Shin (1931-1998). He modified the traditional Yang style to maximize the health benefits.

For more on Tai Chi’s history and health benefits, see the following: PSTC BROCHURE April 2019

For more information on Master Moy and the 108-move set, watch this video.

For more Tai Chi resources, go to Kevin Werre’s website Awareness Tai Chi.

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