Parksville Shores Tai Chi

Welcoming you Back

We sincerely hope that all our members have been able to stay fit and well.

The Board just met to review the situation and look to how we can join the return to what will be the new normal.

We have a plan in place to get back together and do Tai Chi
In compliance with the rules and regulations of today we will start with classes at the Parksville Community Centre until the end of August, returning to St Edmunds in September.

At the centre we will be in the Seaside room /Auditorium space so lots of space to observe social distancing while doing our Tai Chi

We have reviewed the government directives and have met with the local personnel to determine how to best achieve starting back up whilst recognizing individual needs to continue to stay safe and well.

The following summarizes what has been put in place for Parksville Shores Tai Chi.

Return to our regular venue and operations will be planned and achieved in consultation with the membership and the Church personnel with the target of commencing full operations in September.

On-going classes at the Parksville Community Centre will commence on Tuesday June 23rd. at 9:30 am.

 Note the beginners who were finishing up as the closures came are welcome to join the classes and we will work on the last moves.

Classes will be held:

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings at 9:30 – 11.30am

Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm. starting July 8th.

Parksville Community Centre – 132 Jensen Ave. Parksville

The following protocols must be followed for our permitted use of the centre and members are asked to carefully comply.

  • Assemble outside at the Jensen entrance with the event leader, observing social distancing
  • Entrance In when directed and use only the designated exit on leaving
  • PCC will manage late arrivals
  • Observe social distancing of 2 metres
  • Utilize the available hand sanitizer
  • Bring and do not share your own refreshment
  • Ensure your attendance has been recorded
  • Follow any and all directional signage, i.e. one ways etc.

This alternate site will allow our staged restart over the next 10 weeks as we move to full return at St Edmunds. The Board will be working with the church on the full restart compliance.

Fees paid to cover March will be applied to July and there will be no additional charge for the time in June.

The Beginners classes will coincide with the September return along with a full slate of classes in keeping with any directives at the time and the wishes of the membership.

In keeping with our return to normal we will be staging our AGM and at this time nominations for Board are open.

Covid 19 protocols will prevent our usual format at this time and so we will be holding a social distancing picnic in the Community Park on July 25th.  and details will be posted along with the usual support documentation.

  For more info contact : Eva 


Who we are – Parksville Shores Tai Chi (PSTC) is a not-for-profit society that exists to teach, learn and practice Tai Chi and complementary disciplines, by providing instruction, classes and workshops for the membership. PSTC is also committed to donating any financial surplus beyond operating expenses to worthy local charities.

What we do – PSTC teaches the 108-move set developed by Master Moy Lin Shin (1931-1998). He modified the traditional Yang style to maximize the health benefits.

For more on Tai Chi’s history and health benefits, see the following: PSTC BROCHURE April 2019

For more information on Master Moy and the 108-move set, watch this video.

For more Tai Chi resources, go to Kevin Werre’s website Awareness Tai Chi.

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