Tai Chi at home !!!

Here are some links to Kevin to help us practice at home: 
5 basics of Tai Chi


List of every move.


One thought on “Tai Chi at home !!!”

  1. Just to let you know that Rodney and I are very grateful for the practise of Tai Chi and are grateful to the group and the awesome instructors who have shared their knowledge so willingly. The good grounding in the basics of Tai Chi that we have acquired in class has underscored the benefits of Tai Chi and have inspired us to continue practising with Kevin during these challenging times. Tai Chi has given us a break from the bad news of the day and allowed us to take a breather and move forward with more resolve. We are ever so grateful to those of you in our Tai Chi family for sharing a life skill which is so very helpful in coping with today’s reality. Yours sincerely,
    Jennifer & Rodney Arnold

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