Tai Chi update.

Dear members

our classes are:

On-going: Tuesday 9.30-11.30 starting Jan.5th.
On-going: Thursday 9.30-11.30 starting Jan. 7th.

No evening classes for the time being.

Mask or face shield are required at al times when in the church.

We are practicing Tai Chi in the Park:
Sunday at 9am
Wednesday at 1.30

Any questions please let me know.

Wishing you a happy 2021 with lots of laughter.

Take care
Eva and the rest of the team.

That does not mean we can’t do Tai Chi at Home LOL

if you need a little help with the set there is always Kevin to follow on Awareness Tai Chi
All moves:
Warmups only:    

Tai Chi at home !!!

Here are some links to Kevin to help us practice at home: 
5 basics of Tai Chi


List of every move.